“What have you done?”I yelled. I feel my head turning redder and redder the more he talks back at me. I’m stuck in a big, big cage and it makes me miss my family more as hours go by. He finally lets me out.  I ask why he didn’t let me out he says,  sadly” there’s no one for me to go home to my sisters at camp,  my dads in Niue and my mum is in Christchurch and i want a friend. “

I say” oh i’m sorry.”  I was so cross.


“What have you done” i screamed. I was so cross. I could feel my face going red the more i looked at him.He had a evil grin on his face. Suddenly i felt a surge of anger. I lunged at him. His evil grin was wipe of his face and replaced with a worried look. “Oh oh” he muttered under his breath. Just as i was about to grab him he ran for his life,past the shops, past an angry dog and round the corner. Now iv’e lost him round that corner. “I will get him for that” i think.

My dog

I burt through the door. When I came home from a LONG day at school with the boringest math test the longest science test. I dumped  my bag on my bed and start playing with my dog. I decided I have had enough playing so I slouched into my bedroom and floped on my bed. Then I smelt somthing bad I was so cross that I was going to die. My dog had peed on my harry potter bed cover UGH!!. I thought that was’nt all the bad thing for the day but when I went up to take a shower the shower was cold !.


Grandma’s Vase

I walked into the living room and saw that grandma’s antique vase was smashed into 100,000 pieces. My little brother looked at me with a cheeky grin on his face. As soon as I looked away from my little brother I heard a loud smash. My mom heard the noise and barged into the room. “Why is grandma’s antique vase and my glass plate smashed on the floor.” My brother immediately pointed at me and smiled. “OLIVIA, UP TO YOUR ROOM IMMEDIATELY!” I was so cross that I could rip my brothers heart out of his chest. If he had one.

His Iphone


THAT’S NOT FAIR!!! It was christmas morning I was red as a strawberry. I had wanted an iphone for so long, and my 7 year old brother just got ONE. My Veins were popping out of my forehead, then I looked back at my brother he was  staring at me with a grin on his face. I was so cross that my younger brother got an iphone before me. Eyes bulging out of my head, fists ready for battle, I wanted to grab that phone and burn it in a bonfire. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUSLY EXTREMELY SUPER DUPER UNFAIR. The End.