The Breakfast Wars

The forever struggle… Breakfast. Slowly, I made my way down the stairs. I was there before my brother! Oh no, was what I thought when I heard my brother crashing down the stairs. We agree with nothing. Foods, Movies, anything! Like I said, nothing in common. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the jam and a piece of bread. My brother entered the kitchen. “We are having jam and toast for breakfast, I got here first!” I said without looking at him. “What? NO!” He shouted, “I like marmite!” He ran to me, trying to tackle me down. “YES!” I screamed back, “Get off!”. Every morning, every week, every month, every year. This is what happens.

Miserably, I awoke with the the terror of my brother telling my mom to put marmite in our toast. I raced down the stairs as fast as I could. I hoped to get there first. When I reached the door frame I saw the terrible sight that I wake to every morning…… My brothers gleeful smile. I finally realized that this wasn’t a dream. He was spreading marmite on my toast! ” I like Marmite”, he said.

Today was meant to be perfect.

Think of this, you are sitting on the couch, eating popcorn while watching your favourite tv series or movie. That sounds legendary. Everything is going so well until you ask for your marmite toast. It turns out that your mum is barely listening and she thought you said vegemite so she started spreading that totally grotty spread on your otherwise delicious toast. Excitedly, you are jumping up and down on the couch making all of your popcorn fall onto the carpet. Then, it comes. You take one big, juicy bite and immediately scream. “NO, I LIKE MARMITE!” Then… you fainted.


Carefully, i tiptoed into the pantry to get jam and toast. I didn’t notice my brother there as well staring at me. “Sis why did you get jam instead of marmite when you went shopping.” “Because i like jam.”

“No,” he said i like marmite.”

Well tough luck, i said inside my head not out loud. Before i could say anymore i realized it wasn’t worth it.As for my brother he just sulked away muttering under his breath, i want marmite. Most importantly i won the argument.I guess he just can’t be bothered to argue anymore. Besides it’s just marmite.

no I like marmite

It all started a few weeks ago when I went downstairs to make some toast.  My sister came down and asked me to make some toast with marmite. “I’ll only give you vegemite,” I said. ” no I like marmite, not vegemite.” “Okay then I, said.”  But my sister did not know that I had thought about an evil plan. It was stunning, stupendous, amazing. Wickedly, I put vegemite on the toast. then I carefully walked upstairs. “here is your toast with, marmite,” I said with an evil tone witch she did not notice. she took a bite and… she screamed.