I was puffing as I walked to school. It was Thursday 12th November, the most exciting day ever. IT WAS THE SCHOOL TRIP TO MOTAT TODAY!!!!!!!!

When I came to school, the first thing I saw was Ella and the boys looking depressed. And Zara looking very excited.. ” EMILY ITS OUR TRIP TO MOTAT TODAY!!!!!!! ” said Zara.

A while later, we arrived at the bus station. We hopped onto the bus and drove off.

On the bus I chatted with other students until we were at MOTAT. Then we followed the educator to this to this round. has echoes house to go over our timetable.

First we had some looking around and then a tram ride, and some more looking around.

I absloutely love MOTAT It was so much fun.


if only I was a bit smaller

Bob James Sulavin wake up!!!!!! It was then that I realized that I was in school. If only I was a bit smaller. If I was a bit smaller then I could slip away and go home and escape from school. If I was smaller I could think that a regular-sized chocolate bar was the biggest one in the world and spend hours eating it!!

It was a dull Friday afternoon and leaves were rolling through the air. The white castle was empty – apart from a young girl called Anna .

Anna was a crafty young girl. 

 All she ever wanted to be was a normal girl, but she wasn’t. You see , Anna was an Exspiravit , which means that you can fly around and do things a ghost can do, but when you land on the floor you become human.

It’s like being half-ghost and half person.

This young girl was antisocial and hated being around people. She was afraid. She flew around the castle and looked all around her. Anna was scared that if her parents saw her then they would abandon her. She was the only person in the castle that knew her ‘little secret’.


On Thursday the 12th of November we went on a trip to MOTAT. As soon as everyone got onto the bus, it started to get loud. Kids were talking and the bus was roaring.

We had an activity to do when we got there. It was to answer these questions about MOTAT in a booklet. The group that answered all the questions right got a prize. 

When we got there, everyone ran out of the bus and started to look around and explore the exhibits. But the parents and teachers told us off and told us that is was morning tea time. 

After morning tea we all answered some questions and started to go inside the exhibits. After an hour or two, it was lunchtime. We ate very fast because we were going on the tram. 

After everyone was on the tram, the tram started up and everyone shouted with excitement. On the way, we saw rabbits. 

Sadly, after that, it was time to go back to school on the bus.



2020 Athletics

On the ninth of November, we had our school athletics. The event was held at the school. I was competing against, Luca,Harrison, Xavier, Leo and Dan. My highlight of the day was when i won discuss 🙂 and i was so happy that i at least won something. One interesting thing i found out was how much better we did in high jump from last year. Last year we were doing 70cm Now people in year 5-6 were getting up to 120! most of the year 5 boys were getting 100-110 but other people were getting a lot. After we finished all the events it was time for the finals and relays. First we watched the finals then we did the relays. Our team ended up coming 3rd but we could have won if i didn’t drop my baton!