I was running,  how was I going to get there? My spacecraft was going to leave without me. Suddenly I fell I landed in the mud with a squelch! My leg was screaming in pain!!! I had tripped over a tree stump. I tried to get up but that made the mud suck me in more. “Not now I have to get to my spacecraft.” I started to sink slowly into the mud but once I  had been fully covered in the mud I realised that I was in my spacecraft.The mud had been a portal!!!   “5   4   3   2   1  , boom.” My spacecraft had left.

abandoned forest

In an abandoned forest there were chopped down trees in shapes of birds. Moss was on the stump.” no!” I shouted as I sank in to the mud. I started to go to sleep. It was bad , I was trying to stay awake but I couldn’t. I woke up after two weeks. “no” I shouted because I should have been home.  I started to hear weird noises behind me because  there was a wild lion,

ROAR! as  he lion opened its mouth

was I going to die.It was getting closer. When I tried to start running I couldn’t move because I was I stuck to the ground! yes

wombat swamp

SLPOSH SLPOSH SPLOSH as I carefully walked across the swamp hoping they wouldn’t awaken. CRUNCH I looked to my left one of the wombats EYES OPENED. ROAR went the mutant wombat, it jumped onto it’s hind legs, spikes came out of it’s back and green stuff oozed from it’s mouth staring me down the rest repeated. I was trapped I wasn’t going to sse another day. But I tried my, I slid under one shot another and dived into the swamp. It was sucking me under… HELP HELP PLEASE! But no one came. ROAR,  NO I shrugged and jiggled AHHHHHHHHHH.

the swamp monster

My legs were sinking,  trudging through the gooey swamp . I was trying not to wake THE SWAMP BIRDS I could here a snoring in the distance . Trembling in terror,  holding onto the tree stumps for dear life . Slowly moving through the bog , I saw a boat . I knew I was safe. My boat had arrived to pick me up  “Yay” . I opened my eyes “OH NO!”  THE SWAMP BIRD was looking down at me .  I ran and ran till I couldn’t run any more. I fell to the ground sinking , sinking . Suddenly I woke up . “HOME” 

The foul land

I look across the land, wicked and foul, I remember when this was beautiful when it was green and there were flowers were everywhere, now I look around at the disgusting scene and shiver. I started walking on the hard grey land, tree stumps surrounding me, a tear slid down my cheek. After people came and cut down all the tree. They ruined I was suddenly so angry! “Why? Why!!??” I thought. I ran back up the hill, back home and into my bedroom, I missed the green, soft grass and climbing the trees but you can never change the past.