“ARG”screamed the people of boaster. There was a escape of the a fast food museum. “BOOM BOOM BOOM”the concrete statues were coming to destroy the town. Some people tried calling animal control,some tried calling the police some tried calling U.S.A. For some reason the apple company came and tried giving the mascots free iPad Pros but that didn’t work. Everyone tried to save the city but the city continued  going down. Some d.j was driving home from work and the apple company payed the d.j in iPad’s. He played some relaxing music and the mascots went away in the next year.

The Escape Of Giant Game pieces

Buildings collapsed, trees fell down,and the ground started to crack. The giant game pieces had crashed on earth and were trying to kill us all. Everyone started to go mad as the huge game pieces started to destroy anything they could see. Rubbish bins, seats, tables, even people!. The police showed up. “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR. “The evil game pieces sung, ” Like you just don’t care.” ,This was the craziest day ever, it went down in history.

The sorting hat

I was standing on the stage waiting for the teacher to come through the door. Professor Mc Gonagall carried a hat out and she placed it on a table. Why was the hat on the table?  She pulled out a long list. And  Then she stared call names… like Abot Hanna, when was it going to be my turn? I thought about my family all being in  Gryffindor. What if I was in Slytherin? Then I heard the hat shout “Gryffindor” and then my name got called. I walked over to the hat and pulled the hat on my head and then it shouted…

The sorting hat

There I was Harry Potter,  that’s me standing in front of professor Mc Gonagall. She was holding a hat it was all crumpled and had a mouth that had just sung a song to my surprise!!!  Mc Gonagall put the hat on the table in front of a stool.  WHY IS THAT HAT ON THE TABLE!!! Then she pulled out a list and started to call names… I thought about my parents, Gryffindors probably.  “Potter, Harry”.  There was silence.  It was probably because I was famous I am the only person to ever survive a killing curse done by Voldemort.


By Tilly.

Why was the hat on the table?

One day i came home from school,unpacked my bag and then i saw a parcel on the table.  I decided to open it and i saw this bright red hat but i did not  think my dad would have ordered it because he hates red. So i wondered who would of got this hat? And why was the hat on the table? So i decided to go and get some afternoon tea but when i came home the hat was gone! I asked my brother if he had seen it but he called me strange. Maybe this was a dream!



By Abigail