The sorting hat

I was standing on the stage waiting for the teacher to come through the door. Professor Mc Gonagall carried a hat out and she placed it on a table. Why was the hat on the table?  She pulled out a long list. And  Then she stared call names… like Abot Hanna, when was it going to be my turn? I thought about my family all being in  Gryffindor. What if I was in Slytherin? Then I heard the hat shout “Gryffindor” and then my name got called. I walked over to the hat and pulled the hat on my head and then it shouted…

The sorting hat

There I was Harry Potter,  that’s me standing in front of professor Mc Gonagall. She was holding a hat it was all crumpled and had a mouth that had just sung a song to my surprise!!!  Mc Gonagall put the hat on the table in front of a stool.  WHY IS THAT HAT ON THE TABLE!!! Then she pulled out a list and started to call names… I thought about my parents, Gryffindors probably.  “Potter, Harry”.  There was silence.  It was probably because I was famous I am the only person to ever survive a killing curse done by Voldemort.


By Tilly.

Why was the hat on the table?

One day i came home from school,unpacked my bag and then i saw a parcel on the table.  I decided to open it and i saw this bright red hat but i did not  think my dad would have ordered it because he hates red. So i wondered who would of got this hat? And why was the hat on the table? So i decided to go and get some afternoon tea but when i came home the hat was gone! I asked my brother if he had seen it but he called me strange. Maybe this was a dream!



By Abigail

The Magic Hat

I woke up and looked around. The first thing I thought was ‘where am I?’, the second thing I thought was ‘Why was that hat on the table?‘ My head rushed full of questions. Where? Why? What? When?

“Hello?” I shouted. Nobody answered. I tried again and still, nothing happened. I walked up to the hat and decided to put it on. I thought of home, what was happening? I woke up, it was just a dream . I looked up and there was the hat! I looked at the hat, ‘weird!’ I said out loud. The hat looked like a normal hat, brown leather with a flower pattern and a ruby in the middle, the ruby glinted at me. ‘A magic hat!’, I thought!

The knight’s helmet

I woke up and I saw a very weird hat on my bedside table.It looked a bit like it was a knights helmet.I got out of bed and went downstairs to tell my mum.As soon as I got downstairs I forgot what I was going to say. So I said. “hello mum what’s for breakfast”. “baked beans on toast.” After breakfast I went upstairs into my room and the hat was not there. Then it reappeared on my bed. This time I shouted MUM!! She came running in. she came running in saying “what is wrong” there is a knights helmet on my bed.