“ARG”screamed the people of boaster. There was a escape of the a fast food museum. “BOOM BOOM BOOM”the concrete statues were coming to destroy the town. Some people tried calling animal control,some tried calling the police some tried calling U.S.A. For some reason the apple company came and tried giving the mascots free iPad Pros but that didn’t work. Everyone tried to save the city but the city continued  going down. Some d.j was driving home from work and the apple company payed the d.j in iPad’s. He played some relaxing music and the mascots went away in the next year.

The Escape Of Giant Game pieces

Buildings collapsed, trees fell down,and the ground started to crack. The giant game pieces had crashed on earth and were trying to kill us all. Everyone started to go mad as the huge game pieces started to destroy anything they could see. Rubbish bins, seats, tables, even people!. The police showed up. “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR. “The evil game pieces sung, ” Like you just don’t care.” ,This was the craziest day ever, it went down in history.