The Magic Hat

I woke up and looked around. The first thing I thought was ‘where am I?’, the second thing I thought was ‘Why was that hat on the table?‘ My head rushed full of questions. Where? Why? What? When?

“Hello?” I shouted. Nobody answered. I tried again and still, nothing happened. I walked up to the hat and decided to put it on. I thought of home, what was happening? I woke up, it was just a dream . I looked up and there was the hat! I looked at the hat, ‘weird!’ I said out loud. The hat looked like a normal hat, brown leather with a flower pattern and a ruby in the middle, the ruby glinted at me. ‘A magic hat!’, I thought!

The knight’s helmet

I woke up and I saw a very weird hat on my bedside table.It looked a bit like it was a knights helmet.I got out of bed and went downstairs to tell my mum.As soon as I got downstairs I forgot what I was going to say. So I said. “hello mum what’s for breakfast”. “baked beans on toast.” After breakfast I went upstairs into my room and the hat was not there. Then it reappeared on my bed. This time I shouted MUM!! She came running in. she came running in saying “what is wrong” there is a knights helmet on my bed.

the hat


I was walking to the local cafe. When I reached it I saw a solid gold  crown with rubies and diamonds stuck  on with melted gold. I wondered why it was here. Then out came the Queen with her body guards.  I was so shocked.

I was about to faint when the guards grabbed me I did not know what was happening. Then I looked  at my hand. It was holding the crown. I remained in jail for 1 year after that.

The mysterious hat

One day when my family and i was walking to the cafe i spotted a hat on the road.I told my dad to see if i can go and get it.i ran onto the road as fast as i could so i didn’t get run over. Suddenly i started running faster since the hat was floating away.My dad ran after the hat too, in case the hat lead me somewhere mysterious.I jumped as high as i could to see if i could reach the hat and bring it back down but instead i landed right on my head and grazed all down my leg. Finally my dad and i found our self in our shed. We found the hat on the hat on the table but why was the hat on the table and why were we in the shed?

The Hat

I was hungry . I decided to walk across the road to the cafe . When I got there I saw The Hat ,old and crusty . I remember that hat so vividly .It was my papa’s hat from when he went to war 73 years ago . I didn’t know how it got there but I had to get it back.I went up to the front desk and asked for the hat they said “Yes” so I went and picked the hat .I looked up and Papa  was standing right in front of me but I thought why was the hat on the table. WHY ?