No he said ” I like marmite

Angrily, he stomped into the kitchen, not wanting to do the dishes. ” Hey bob,  get some nutella for us” I shouted ” I don’t like nutella though” bob said in a sulky way. “Yes you do bob” I laughed“No ” he said “I like marmite” He grunted until mum,my sister,and little brother came walking down the stairs and said “ did someone say they like marmite!” “yea” me and bob answered slowly. “Well marmite is disgusting bananas are way better” my sister said proudly.We all started to walk away from my sis.


Dad And His Marmite

Annoyingly, Dad was a problem. Every single morning dad and his marmite. ” dad can we have jam this morning, It’s my birthday” ” no I like marmite he said”. Then mum came in “what’s all this shouting you two” “dad said we have to have marmite again”. Then mum walked off. I sighed and walked to the pantry to get the marmite no jam this week. Then mum walked into the room again “Happy Birthday Luuka here’s your present” she said. I opened my present in there was a packet of jam ” thank you soooooo much I said”

The morning wars

I fell out of bed and hit the floor. Then I remembered, I had to get to the kitchen first so I jumped up and ran. Past my closet, past my slippers and dressing gown and out into the hallway. I sprinted down it and came to a rest in the kitchen, I lent down to did some heavy breaths, then I realised my brother had passed me and was reaching for the marmite in the pantry. Luckily he was way shorter than me so he could not reach. I shouted at him “We are having toast and jam for breakfast!” “No!” He shouted. “I like marmite!”


“No,” he said. “I like marmite” said Willaim silently. He was my little brother. “Ok,” I said. ” I’ll have peanut butter.” Style, animals, games we all liked the same thing. Even though I like marmite I’ll have peanut butter. We hate being the same.

We had a brand new puppy which we got yesterday and we still hadn’t named him. I wanted to call him Dax or Rusty (cause he’s a red lab). Will wanted to call him marmite. So for the first time, we had a fight. Mum and dad came down. “WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!!!” shouted mum ” WELL I WANT TO CALL THE DOG DAX OR RUSTY AND WILL WANTS TO CALL HIM MARMITE! THAT’S A RIDiCULouS NAME FOR A RED LAB!” I screamed back, even though I felt so bad for saying it. I love my brother but that was the first time I had said something bad about him. “RIGHT YOU ARE GROUNDED AND WE WILL DECIDE THE DOGS NAME AS A FAMILY!” dad yelled.  I started to cry.


Breakfast… it’s the only thing me and my brother can’t agree on. There is a rule in our house,  the last one to the kitchen has to make the other breakfast. I quietly climbed down the ladder of my bunk. BANG, I opened my door and there he was. We both gave each other a stink eye, and it was on. We sprinted to the kitchen like headless chickens, but I didn’t see the pile of carters smelly underpants and tripped. “I’ve lost” I whimpered. I got up and made him a jam toast. “NO”, he said “I like marmite.”