2020 Athletics

This year I competed in the school’s Athletics. I had been waiting for this moment for a couple of months now. We have been practising this so hard every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. We practised and we also did the real thing on our school field. My favourite things were sprints,high jump,long jump and discus. Me, Josh, Sean and Archie were the top competitive people. The highlight of my day was when I came 2d in discus Archie came first and Josh came third. The most interesting thing was how the discus flew through the air, sometimes it went like a spiral but mine went smoothly like a flying saucer and I was really pleased. The one thing I was really grateful for was how fast I ran in my sprints which I came third. Third place was good for me because Archie and Sean were really fast. But I was still a bit disappointed because I did not come second or first.