The Bee’s Mission.🥓 BACON🥓

“So” Thought the bee “I have been quested to steal someone’s bacon🥓, which is a criminal offence, YAYYY.” So he gathered his food, sharpened his stinger, and set off in his bacon mobile. When he reached his first stop, which was a bacon🥓 airport. He found his private jet, and flew off the face of the earth. “Oooh, big red button!” he slammed it and blew up half of the U.S with a nuke. Then he saw a giant mini gun pop out from the bottom of the plane. He finally found the sack of bacon. There were two guards defending it. He pulled out his bacon🥓 dagger, threw it at the Guard the guards fell in love with the bacon 🥓 dagger, and killed each other fighting over it. “Eh” shrugged The bee. He grabbed the sack and flew away in the jet. He blew up the Uk as well. “BACOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!”


Long long ago, back when unicorns roamed the earth and elves skipped happily along with the green grassy fields, the Fairy king sat sorrowfully on his throne. Though the Fairy king was loved by all, the hole in his heart could never be be replaced. No matter how many goods he had. Melissa is the Fairy Queen, she and Arrow, the Fairy King had ruled happily over Earth not long ago.

Brent the bee

“What is that I see, said Brent the bee. Brent was an old bee who was losing the ability to fly. He was flying around a garden that had lots of flowers in it. There was a set of clay figures, but the clay figures seemed to be alive! They were walking around with cameras and bright lights that almost blinded Brent. He was about to fly away when ‘WHOOSH!’ Something caught his foot. Brent looked down to see a huge net on his foot. This was unbelievable. They dragged Brent down and nailed him to the bench that they were on. The clay figures were tugging at the poor bee’s leg. Brent knew this was the end. His leg was getting ripped out of his socket! Suddenly and thankfully Brent heard a voice. ” Mum I have finally found my figures!” It was a little boy. The boy picked up the clay figures without noticing Brent. Then Brent lived happily ever after.

The scary house

Once there was a scary house. There are still people in the house but they are Ghosts. There is a little girl who has haunted toys. Two of the toys are figures. The figures move with small knives at night.

Once a bee came from the window and saw the figures moving. It thought that it was a small person and went to it. The figures saw the bee and threw the plastic knives. They all missed and went into the kitchen. They saw two machetes with blood (and a dead person’s head on the tips of the machete). They got the machetes and threw the heads at the bee. They missed again and threw the machete and one hit and the other did not hit. The figures got a machete and were about to kill the bee when the bee pulled out a UNO reverse card and said, ‘The power of UNO REVERSE CARD!!!!’ The figures then killed each other.


Are Toys Alive?

Some people say “toys aren’t alive,” but how do we know that? What if the toy makers use magic or make the toys robots, and we just don’t know that. Here is a story that I heard on TV:

“I was walking into my room, and I saw two of my favorite toys playing with a dead bee. They both looked at me and froze, they fell down, like when you drop a toy on the ground. I was so scared,  I ran to my mum, she said it was just me seeing things but when I came back to my room to show her, all my toys were gone! Then we saw them jumping out the window! Mum fainted. I just ran away to the living room where there are no toys. That night I had trouble sleeping, that was the scariest thing in my life!”

See what I mean, toys could be alive, so… keep an eye on your toys.


(nothing in this story is true)