white vented

It was a boring Sunday. there was no school but there was nothing to do. I decided to go to my friend Charley’s house. It turned out Maddi was there to so we all played among us together. In the game we played were all crew mates so we decided to stick together. we all had the same task in O2, you know the one with the leaves. Anyway charley was talking about how they should add a castle map and how it would be so cool until… WE SAW WHITE VENT. we ran to the emergency meeting button and called a emergency meeting. “white vented” I said. “blue and black saw”. “vote white” said blue. “yep” said black. “vote yellow” said white. and just at that moment every one voted me, and white won… “AMONG US SUCKS” I shouted.

the end

the among us game!

Finally, a game that’s not full “yes”. I joined the game and someone stole my color. I had to be white but then he left the game so I could be black again. Well, i was waiting for the game to start.  I thought it would be cool if there was a carousel map. Then the game finally started I was a crewmate. I went to do tasks and I had the task in the O2 room,  you know the one where you empty the leaves out of the oxygen. Well anyway,  i finished my tasks and went to cams and there was nothing suspicious.  So i rolled around in a circle.  then I got crafty and used a hack i learned from my friend. I’d slightly so i could see into admin. then I saw red vent called an emergency meeting and we won the game. the end

Another Day Without Mum

Tonight the stars are covered by the clouds and firm rain.

Not like yesterday. Yesterday, my family and I rolled down the hills of Glover Park. 

As I was rolling, I felt the presence of the leaves. They were rolling beside my shoulders. My little sister wasn’t there with me. Happily, she was dancing around the gang of elderly trees. As I frolicked down the hill I could just hear a glimpse of my sister acting crafty with leaves and singing about pretty princesses. Woah, kids grow. 


All of a sudden, Dad had called us from above the hill – interrupting my little sister’s quest to the magical castle of Narnia. Hours later, I couldn’t sleep. Especially after my Dad’s disgusting white marble stew. It sounds good, but it’s apparently the antithesis of its soft name.


I decided to go outside onto my rounded balcony that my father and sister don’t know about. As I peeped into my mother’s stargazer, I didn’t see the  constellations that shined down on me. I saw my mother. She would usually give me the most warming smile that could cheer any devastated being. 


I’d missed her. I knew that it should’ve made most of my life when she was in it. My heart grow heavy, full of guilt. I dazed at the night sky; away from the stargazer. Slowly, I whispered, “I’m sorry.”

The White Castle

*blink* *blink* I woke up with the sun in my eyes, tired and sleepy, I tried to get up. My legs were to tired that I plopped right back on the leaves. Rolling around to get comfy, I went back to sleep. That’s when I thought “why am I on leaves?” I sat up quickly looking around, I saw a world of bush. Then I thought “why don’t I get a bit crafty and make a fire and look for food?”. When I was looking for food I saw a blurry building. Then I saw it. A White Castle.

The chicken (that kills people)

Once there was a chicken that escaped from the zoo.  He went to the knife store and stole the biggest knife. Then he went around killing people. The chicken found an abandoned house and used that as his base. But in the night Jimmy the wall climber came and broke into his base. He grabbed the chickens knife and tied the chicken to his bed. Then Jimmy went to the spaceship store and bought a spaceship. Jimmy got the bed and put it in the spaceship. The chicken woke up and looked around. He tried to move but he was tied to the bed. Then Jimmy opened the door to space and threw the chicken out. THE CHICKEN WAS THE IMPOSTER (0 IMPOSTERS REMAIN)