Another Day Without Mum

Tonight the stars are covered by the clouds and firm rain.

Not like yesterday. Yesterday, my family and I rolled down the hills of Glover Park. 

As I was rolling, I felt the presence of the leaves. They were rolling beside my shoulders. My little sister wasn’t there with me. Happily, she was dancing around the gang of elderly trees. As I frolicked down the hill I could just hear a glimpse of my sister acting crafty with leaves and singing about pretty princesses. Woah, kids grow. 


All of a sudden, Dad had called us from above the hill – interrupting my little sister’s quest to the magical castle of Narnia. Hours later, I couldn’t sleep. Especially after my Dad’s disgusting white marble stew. It sounds good, but it’s apparently the antithesis of its soft name.


I decided to go outside onto my rounded balcony that my father and sister don’t know about. As I peeped into my mother’s stargazer, I didn’t see the  constellations that shined down on me. I saw my mother. She would usually give me the most warming smile that could cheer any devastated being. 


I’d missed her. I knew that it should’ve made most of my life when she was in it. My heart grow heavy, full of guilt. I dazed at the night sky; away from the stargazer. Slowly, I whispered, “I’m sorry.”