The spread problem!

Angrily,I wiped the spread off my knife and I stomped to the pantry and grabbed the Vegemite.Suddenly Kyle yelled “NO he said. “I like mar mite ” I yelled back “WELL I LIKE VEGEMITE.” Vegemite,Mar mite,and Jam, we could never agree on which spread we wanted. All of a sudden mum came running in “What on earth are you guys arguing about”! Kyle is not letting me have Vegemite” I said.

“That’s not true Abi’s not letting me have Mar mite”

he said. Then it started all over again except worse. He started throwing Mar mite at me I yelled “WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!

Why was the hat on the table?

One day i came home from school,unpacked my bag and then i saw a parcel on the table.  I decided to open it and i saw this bright red hat but i did not  think my dad would have ordered it because he hates red. So i wondered who would of got this hat? And why was the hat on the table? So i decided to go and get some afternoon tea but when i came home the hat was gone! I asked my brother if he had seen it but he called me strange. Maybe this was a dream!



By Abigail