No I like Marmite!

Grumpily, my brother Oli stomped straight back to his bedroom from the kitchen table. This was because the only thing he liked was Cricket, Guitar, chocolate and Marmite, however the only thing left for tea was Jam and toast. I said to him kindly, “why don’t you try some, it’s quite nice?” But he just refused and shouted what the [email protected]#* “No I like Marmite you idiot!” Then suddenly I heard a shout from my parents room. It was my dad screaming “What are you two monkeys arguing over now! I replied back “Oli doesn’t like whats left for tea.

I Was So Cross That

I slammed the door shut. I was so cross that I through a chair in to a painting on the wall. The glass frame shattered all over the floor. You stupid brat I’ve had enough of you breaking and steeling all my expensive toys. Then I stomped into my room, I flopped down on my bed, breathed heavily and slowly calmed down I heard someone coming down the hall way luckily there was know one there it was just my cat. I walked into my brothers room and he was still destroying my toys! I opened my mouth to scream…

100 words wk23 stunt day

I woke up feeling extremely nervous for the big day ahead. I was going to a huge stunt competition and there was going to be 30,000 people there, I packed my bright Red bag with all my gear. Then I grabbed my bike and put it into the boot and I zoomed off. When I arrived I felt my stomach sinking, I saw a big ladder that the camera man was standing on, then my eye caught sight of the huge jumps. I whispered to myself “if you messed up one of those jumps it would feel like landing on a rock hard pavement.”