“ARG”screamed the people of boaster. There was a escape of the a fast food museum. “BOOM BOOM BOOM”the concrete statues were coming to destroy the town. Some people tried calling animal control,some tried calling the police some tried calling U.S.A. For some reason the apple company came and tried giving the mascots free iPad Pros but that didn’t work. Everyone tried to save the city but the city continued  going down. Some d.j was driving home from work and the apple company payed the d.j in iPad’s. He played some relaxing music and the mascots went away in the next year.

monster island

”Here I am at Monster Island.”I said into the camera.I was a scientist working to see if the ear wog was real. We traveled deeper into the jungle and came to a mossy marsh.I saw about 100 ear wogs. I tried to be quiet so they couldn’t see me. Someone was there before me. I knew that because there were human footprints.I went deeper into the territory but I was not looking and accidentally bumped into an ear wog.I was in deep trouble.It growled at me showed its teeth.All of them looked at me and did the same thing.They all got up and waddled towards me.I ran but tripped.I did not survive.

bird poop

”I hate you!Your such a stupid bird!”I screamed.

”Dad a bird pooped on my cap and its all over my hand and cap!!!!!”A bird had pooped on my hat.I was so cross that I threw my hat on the ground and lost my apatite for pizza and garlic bread.I stormed off to the playground and sat on the swing.I finally got over my anger and went back. My dad said that as soon as we got home we would wash it.When we got home I chucked it in the wash and forgot about it to the next day.Where was my hat?