The Hat

I was hungry . I decided to walk across the road to the cafe . When I got there I saw The Hat ,old and crusty . I remember that hat so vividly .It was my papa’s hat from when he went to war 73 years ago . I didn’t know how it got there but I had to get it back.I went up to the front desk and asked for the hat they said “Yes” so I went and picked the hat .I looked up and Papa  was standing right in front of me but I thought why was the hat on the table. WHY ?

the swamp monster

My legs were sinking,  trudging through the gooey swamp . I was trying not to wake THE SWAMP BIRDS I could here a snoring in the distance . Trembling in terror,  holding onto the tree stumps for dear life . Slowly moving through the bog , I saw a boat . I knew I was safe. My boat had arrived to pick me up  “Yay” . I opened my eyes “OH NO!”  THE SWAMP BIRD was looking down at me .  I ran and ran till I couldn’t run any more. I fell to the ground sinking , sinking . Suddenly I woke up . “HOME” 

My dog

I burt through the door. When I came home from a LONG day at school with the boringest math test the longest science test. I dumped  my bag on my bed and start playing with my dog. I decided I have had enough playing so I slouched into my bedroom and floped on my bed. Then I smelt somthing bad I was so cross that I was going to die. My dog had peed on my harry potter bed cover UGH!!. I thought that was’nt all the bad thing for the day but when I went up to take a shower the shower was cold !.