Mysterious Room

The place was dark, misty and the air was frosty enough to make a chill down your spine. I thought, ‘What’s going on? Why am I here?” I couldn’t see a thing. The room was dark and foggy. The floor was creaky while I took my steps. ‘ creak ‘ “hello?” “anybody!” nobody answered. This made my breath go cold and chills ran down my spine. I reached a table and there stood a hat bordered with a silver lining. It had a feather on it. ‘ It must be a pirates hat ‘ but the first question that ran down my brain ” why was that hat on the table?”  To be continued………

that`s not fair!!!!

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!” I screamed at my dad, I was so cross that my brother dint get in trouble but I did. I slammed my door shut so hard that you could hear  a mile away. "he always gets every thing he wants I never!" I shouted at the shut door.  I sat there, back against the door crying. when I looked out the door he would look at me with a slight grin. I would keep it a secret until I could not take it. I burst out"why do I have to get blamed for every thing my brother does!!!!  "