Miserably, I awoke with the the terror of my brother telling my mom to put marmite in our toast. I raced down the stairs as fast as I could. I hoped to get there first. When I reached the door frame I saw the terrible sight that I wake to every morning…… My brothers gleeful smile. I finally realized that this wasn’t a dream. He was spreading marmite on my toast! ” I like Marmite”, he said.


I’ve just had the scariest Halloween ever. Here’s my story. The day before Halloween, decorations were put up, cobwebs were secured  and all the children were ready. All accept one, Jack. Jack never participated in Halloween. Some say it’s because his family is poor, others because he’s hiding some thing. I don’t say any thing because I don’t think I will ever find out.

Seeing jack walk around with no interest in Halloween what so ever made me curious. My friends said not to worry about it, He’s just a boy, they say. But  on hallows-eve i walked towards Jack’s house and knocked on the door, when no one responded I knocked again….. Still no one again. I started to walk down the driveway, when I heard a sound of scurrying feet. I turned round with a flash. PUMPKINS? They were everywhere climbing up the driveway, going round the house, EVERYWHERE!!!!! As i stood there shocked the orange one spoke first. ” How dumb of you child to come near us” and everything went black.

Mysterious Room

The place was dark, misty and the air was frosty enough to make a chill down your spine. I thought, ‘What’s going on? Why am I here?” I couldn’t see a thing. The room was dark and foggy. The floor was creaky while I took my steps. ‘ creak ‘ “hello?” “anybody!” nobody answered. This made my breath go cold and chills ran down my spine. I reached a table and there stood a hat bordered with a silver lining. It had a feather on it. ‘ It must be a pirates hat ‘ but the first question that ran down my brain ” why was that hat on the table?”  To be continued………

that`s not fair!!!!

“WHAT!!!!!!!!!” I screamed at my dad, I was so cross that my brother dint get in trouble but I did. I slammed my door shut so hard that you could hear  a mile away. "he always gets every thing he wants I never!" I shouted at the shut door.  I sat there, back against the door crying. when I looked out the door he would look at me with a slight grin. I would keep it a secret until I could not take it. I burst out"why do I have to get blamed for every thing my brother does!!!!  "