Carefully, i tiptoed into the pantry to get jam and toast. I didn’t notice my brother there as well staring at me. “Sis why did you get jam instead of marmite when you went shopping.” “Because i like jam.”

“No,” he said i like marmite.”

Well tough luck, i said inside my head not out loud. Before i could say anymore i realized it wasn’t worth it.As for my brother he just sulked away muttering under his breath, i want marmite. Most importantly i won the argument.I guess he just can’t be bothered to argue anymore. Besides it’s just marmite.


“Today’s my birthday party i’m so exited” I said. .I love it when it comes to the day.Only two of my friends could make it,that was okay.Sadly i didn’t put any decorations up when i wanted to.All they my friends wanted to do was go in the pool,i only wanted to go in once but  we ended up going in like five times! An advantage is that i had good food.One of my friends nearly broke my sisters mermaid tale,we love our mermaid tales. Suddenly i cut my self.  i saw blood so i went upstairs, when i came downstairs i saw that they had started a party came without me.  i was furious.  i was so cross that i could have told them all to leave within a second! Instead i burst out crying shouting “this is my birthday party i go first in every game we do!”


It was my birthday i’m so exited.The theme is pool party.Only two of my friends could make it to my party but that was okay.The party was pretty cool until all they wanted to do was go in the pool.I only wanted to go in the pool once but we went like five times.The sad thing is that we didn’t put up any decorations, and i wanted decorations.It wasn’t the best party i ever had , it was the worst.One of my friends nearly broke my sisters mermaid tale.We really like our mermaid tales.Then i cut myself so i went up stairs.When i came back down i saw they.