No he said ” I like marmite

Angrily, he stomped into the kitchen, not wanting to do the dishes. ” Hey bob,  get some nutella for us” I shouted ” I don’t like nutella though” bob said in a sulky way. “Yes you do bob” I laughed“No ” he said “I like marmite” He grunted until mum,my sister,and little brother came walking down the stairs and said “ did someone say they like marmite!” “yea” me and bob answered slowly. “Well marmite is disgusting bananas are way better” my sister said proudly.We all started to walk away from my sis.


forest walk

I walked into the forest, hoping to see the normal forest. Instead I saw a muddy gloomy landscape. It looked as if someone had cut all the trees down to just the stumps. I had to get through the swamp so I made my first move. I tried to be quiet but  the sticks broke under my feet. As soon as I knew it I was sinking into the muddy marshland. Without thinking I tried to grab onto the tree stumps since it looked like the smartest idea. but the stump was mossy and slippery. I pulled but couldn’t hold on.

I was so cross that

“Your so annoying” why did you have to do that?”I shouted. Now I had to redo my whole science report. I was so cross that I wanted to just go up to him and get him to tell him why. Why he did that? But the fact was that I did not have enough courage.  But somehow I still had anger inside of me. I tried to just forget about what happened, but after that everything just got a lot worse. First I forgot my lunch, then I got locked in the janerter’s closet. Everything just got worse & worse

The wishing fountain wk23

Red Ladder Sinking Coins Pavement


I was walking. On the hot hard pavement, towards the wishing fountain. I buried my hands into my pockets searching for all the coins I had. Then “meow”, there was a cat stuck in a tree so I ran to find a ladder to help the cat. By the time I had gotten to the fountain the cat was gone. I kept rummaging in my pockets for coins, but had nothing. A man walked up to me he gave me a red bandanna. There was two coins there. The mysterious man smiled then walked away.