So much for being greedy!

Sulkily I stomped to my room and slouched onto my chair feeling annoyed and disgusted. Why does he get jam, vegemite and marmite when he only likes marmite? Back at the supermarket I showed him the jam and I swear he said “No!, I like marmite!”

My Mom can be too nice at times. As I opened the door, I came up with an evil plan. Quickly I sprinted down the stairs, plastered a fake smile and suspiciously made a sandwich especially for my cousin. 

“Hey, Ken! Here’s your sandwich.” I said with a wicked smile.

“Ewww!What is this horrible stuff in my sandwich?”my Cousin screamed. 

“I thought you said you said you like both jam and vegemite?” I replied.

Wicked Pumpkin Friends

Slowly the orange one spoke first with a very thick accent.                                                 “I hope there’ll be some tasty treats this Hallows Eve because I’m look forward to fire some of my spells on to those little nasty children.” said Bob the Pumpkin. “Hey! Chill bro, we need to be friendly and nice to trip ’em up into our traps!” said Bobby smoothly. Suddenly there came silent padding of footsteps. When the footsteps became louder and closer, the pumpkins started to fire their evil spells at the group of children. “Aaaahhhh!” The children screamed. From then after they were never seen again……

Mysterious Hat

Guess what? Today is my Birthday! My tired eyes quickly opened when they saw five brightly colored wrapped presents.  Curiously, I ripped the wrapping paper open, revealing super a cool flower pressing, rainbow roller skates, glitter pens and even more. But for now, rapidly and excitedly I put on my roller skates because I am going to school in them. I came into my classroom, and everyone just stared at me. What an earth is going on? Wow! Why is that hat on the table? That’s cool, It’s a chocolate fudge cake sprinkled in edible glitter, for me.

The Wrecked Land

The air stank, the trees were chopped in pieces and the mud squirmed all over my feet. It was just gross. As I walked across the muddy marsh land, rivers of worried thoughts invaded me. What could have happened? Suddenly an answer occurred to me. “Oh no! Our enemies must have destroyed our forest!” Behind me I heard marching footsteps coming closer and closer. Great! Our enemies must be after me but why? But before I could finish thinking, I tripped over a tree root, my head banged onto a tree stump, everything went black and I was done for.