Breakfast… it’s the only thing me and my brother can’t agree on. There is a rule in our house,  the last one to the kitchen has to make the other breakfast. I quietly climbed down the ladder of my bunk. BANG, I opened my door and there he was. We both gave each other a stink eye, and it was on. We sprinted to the kitchen like headless chickens, but I didn’t see the pile of carters smelly underpants and tripped. “I’ve lost” I whimpered. I got up and made him a jam toast. “NO”, he said “I like marmite.”   

wombat swamp

SLPOSH SLPOSH SPLOSH as I carefully walked across the swamp hoping they wouldn’t awaken. CRUNCH I looked to my left one of the wombats EYES OPENED. ROAR went the mutant wombat, it jumped onto it’s hind legs, spikes came out of it’s back and green stuff oozed from it’s mouth staring me down the rest repeated. I was trapped I wasn’t going to sse another day. But I tried my, I slid under one shot another and dived into the swamp. It was sucking me under… HELP HELP PLEASE! But no one came. ROAR,  NO I shrugged and jiggled AHHHHHHHHHH.

His Iphone


THAT’S NOT FAIR!!! It was christmas morning I was red as a strawberry. I had wanted an iphone for so long, and my 7 year old brother just got ONE. My Veins were popping out of my forehead, then I looked back at my brother he was  staring at me with a grin on his face. I was so cross that my younger brother got an iphone before me. Eyes bulging out of my head, fists ready for battle, I wanted to grab that phone and burn it in a bonfire. THIS WAS ABSOLUTELY TREMENDOUSLY EXTREMELY SUPER DUPER UNFAIR. The End.