No I Like Vegemite

Angrily, my brother said ” I want Marmite on my toast” and stormed to the pantry. I was stubborn, ” No – Vegemite.” We were never going to agree. My brother and I only agree on three things,   Ice cream flavors, movies and video games. Sitting on the couch eating cereal,  an evil plan formed in my head. I took a huge tablespoon of vegemite and dropped it into the marmite jar. I made my way down to my brother’s room and handed him the toast and marmite jar. He took a bite and his face exploded…  ” YOU ANNOYING PIECE £%*&$”£”. It was hilarious to watch. 


The Escape Of Giant Game pieces

Buildings collapsed, trees fell down,and the ground started to crack. The giant game pieces had crashed on earth and were trying to kill us all. Everyone started to go mad as the huge game pieces started to destroy anything they could see. Rubbish bins, seats, tables, even people!. The police showed up. “PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR. “The evil game pieces sung, ” Like you just don’t care.” ,This was the craziest day ever, it went down in history.

No No No

It was Christmas eve and I was so excited I could hardly breathe. I woke up the next morning to the sound of a rooster ” cok a doddle do !! ”  Went the rooster. “YAY!!” I screamed I ran down the stairs like my hair was on fire. It’s Chirstamas !!.” No!!!” I was screaming 2 minutes later. I was so cross that my my brother had got his own trampoline. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! I HATE YOU YOU DON’T  KNOW  HOW MUCH I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW [email protected]#$%^&*() [email protected]@#$%%%^^&**()) AHH”.” Stop overeating ” “my mum said ” you got a puppy”. A cute puppy jumped out of the box. This is the besk Christmas ever

The End

Week 23 Lunch out

Today was the day, it was my birthday. I got lots of coins so I decided that I wanted to go out for lunch. The pavement was very busy that day. I saw my friend wearing her red hat. My mum asked if she wanted to come out to lunch with us. We saw a ladder with a man on it. When we got there I ordered a egg. It was sinking into my mouth. All together it coast $16.50. I said I would pay for it because I had got lot of money. After we left I went to a really fun amusement park. It was a fun day.