Dad And His Marmite

Annoyingly, Dad was a problem. Every single morning dad and his marmite. ” dad can we have jam this morning, It’s my birthday” ” no I like marmite he said”. Then mum came in “what’s all this shouting you two” “dad said we have to have marmite again”. Then mum walked off. I sighed and walked to the pantry to get the marmite no jam this week. Then mum walked into the room again “Happy Birthday Luuka here’s your present” she said. I opened my present in there was a packet of jam ” thank you soooooo much I said”

The sorting hat

I was standing on the stage waiting for the teacher to come through the door. Professor Mc Gonagall carried a hat out and she placed it on a table. Why was the hat on the table?  She pulled out a long list. And  Then she stared call names… like Abot Hanna, when was it going to be my turn? I thought about my family all being in  Gryffindor. What if I was in Slytherin? Then I heard the hat shout “Gryffindor” and then my name got called. I walked over to the hat and pulled the hat on my head and then it shouted…

birthday disaster

it was the day of my birthday party i was waiting out side my door. it was 5:00 on the invitation it said 5:00. i was still waiting my friends didn’t come i was getting worried. last week i was on Holiday mum said she would send the invitations 5:30 they still haven’t came 6:00 i asked my mum if she had sent  the invitations she said no i haven’t sent the invitations i was so cross that i ran to my bedroom.then mum came into my bedroom mum said i called your best friends mum she said your best friend could come for a sleep over” yah” i was super duper happy.