The Breakfast Wars

The forever struggle… Breakfast. Slowly, I made my way down the stairs. I was there before my brother! Oh no, was what I thought when I heard my brother crashing down the stairs. We agree with nothing. Foods, Movies, anything! Like I said, nothing in common. I ran into the kitchen and grabbed the jam and a piece of bread. My brother entered the kitchen. “We are having jam and toast for breakfast, I got here first!” I said without looking at him. “What? NO!” He shouted, “I like marmite!” He ran to me, trying to tackle me down. “YES!” I screamed back, “Get off!”. Every morning, every week, every month, every year. This is what happens.

This Hallows-eve

Hi, my name is Ester and I am in year 5. Now I love Halloween like any normal person, but this Halloween was different… Here’s my story.

It was a few weeks from Halloween and I was getting worried, you see I needed revenge. Last year some people in my year played a giant Halloween prank on me and my friends. Now we need to get them back.

When Halloween comes we need to be ready, but we had no idea how to prank them. Slowly, we were getting ideas, but none of us agreed on it and we were back on square one, but then I got an idea, I whispered to Tilly, Luuka, Danielle and Lily. They all thought it was a good plan too, “yes!” I thought.

On Halloween, we told the kids who made the prank and told them to meet them outside the graveyard. It was decorated with pumpkins. When it was time they met the prankers at the graveyard and went in. They looked around, “Oh, so scary, a graveyard, we knew you would try and scare us, we thought you would actually try!” said one of the prankers. “You just wait,” said Luuka, under her breath.

“Who are you?” asked a deep voice. “oh, I’m so scary,” said another pranker and all of the prankers burst into laughter, but we knew it was not a joke.“Get out!” Shouted another deep voice.

Then we saw movement, all the pumpkins surrounded us, the darkest orange one spoke first “We warned you” and we knew it was the voice we heard before. “Can you just stop now?” “I’m leaving” “This was a waste of time” muttered the prankers. “It isn’t us!” I shouted. “Stop trying to scare us!” shouted another pranker. “It’s true!” I shouted.

The Magic Hat

I woke up and looked around. The first thing I thought was ‘where am I?’, the second thing I thought was ‘Why was that hat on the table?‘ My head rushed full of questions. Where? Why? What? When?

“Hello?” I shouted. Nobody answered. I tried again and still, nothing happened. I walked up to the hat and decided to put it on. I thought of home, what was happening? I woke up, it was just a dream . I looked up and there was the hat! I looked at the hat, ‘weird!’ I said out loud. The hat looked like a normal hat, brown leather with a flower pattern and a ruby in the middle, the ruby glinted at me. ‘A magic hat!’, I thought!

The foul land

I look across the land, wicked and foul, I remember when this was beautiful when it was green and there were flowers were everywhere, now I look around at the disgusting scene and shiver. I started walking on the hard grey land, tree stumps surrounding me, a tear slid down my cheek. After people came and cut down all the tree. They ruined I was suddenly so angry! “Why? Why!!??” I thought. I ran back up the hill, back home and into my bedroom, I missed the green, soft grass and climbing the trees but you can never change the past.

My Lucky Pencil

It was like a normal day and I woke up I ate breakfast and went to school. I met my friends at school just like any other day. I went in to my class and put my bag away. Something seemed different but I didn’t know what. I opened my desk but my lucky cat pencil wasn’t there I was so cross that i screamed. Bad Idea because my teacher told me off. At lunch I told my friends what happened and they were cross too. When I got home I found it in my brothers room. I hate my brother.