Today was meant to be perfect.

Think of this, you are sitting on the couch, eating popcorn while watching your favourite tv series or movie. That sounds legendary. Everything is going so well until you ask for your marmite toast. It turns out that your mum is barely listening and she thought you said vegemite so she started spreading that totally grotty spread on your otherwise delicious toast. Excitedly, you are jumping up and down on the couch making all of your popcorn fall onto the carpet. Then, it comes. You take one big, juicy bite and immediately scream. “NO, I LIKE MARMITE!” Then… you fainted.

Mr Moo Moo

300 years ago Mr Moo Moo owned the land. He loved seeing the cows roam around the paddocks all day eating grass and flowers. But one day, everything changed. Odd shaped tree stumps started growing out of the ground. Mr Moo Moo was horrified. Before he knew it a stump was growing right under him. Mr Moo Moo was totally terrified when he noticed the grass was turning into an icky, smelly and yucky marshland. All of his much loved cows were gone. To this day the mysterious adventure of Mr Moo Moo is passed down the family tree in sorrow.

Grandma’s Vase

I walked into the living room and saw that grandma’s antique vase was smashed into 100,000 pieces. My little brother looked at me with a cheeky grin on his face. As soon as I looked away from my little brother I heard a loud smash. My mom heard the noise and barged into the room. “Why is grandma’s antique vase and my glass plate smashed on the floor.” My brother immediately pointed at me and smiled. “OLIVIA, UP TO YOUR ROOM IMMEDIATELY!” I was so cross that I could rip my brothers heart out of his chest. If he had one.

My Worst Fear

My worst fear ever is coming true today. Not only are the builders climbing up these annoying, creaky ladders and putting new pipes into the pavement. Okay, I’ll just let it out and tell you what I need to say, today, I’m getting braces. Last week the Orthodontists really got my teeth sinking into this mouth mould. Now, they will open up my mouth and put the braces on. The colour of my braces will be raging red. Just great, I hate red. My Dad gave me coins to spend at the dairy after, but thanks to the braces, I can’t buy chocolate.