no I like marmite

It all started a few weeks ago when I went downstairs to make some toast.  My sister came down and asked me to make some toast with marmite. “I’ll only give you vegemite,” I said. ” no I like marmite, not vegemite.” “Okay then I, said.”  But my sister did not know that I had thought about an evil plan. It was stunning, stupendous, amazing. Wickedly, I put vegemite on the toast. then I carefully walked upstairs. “here is your toast with, marmite,” I said with an evil tone witch she did not notice. she took a bite and… she screamed.

The knight’s helmet

I woke up and I saw a very weird hat on my bedside table.It looked a bit like it was a knights helmet.I got out of bed and went downstairs to tell my mum.As soon as I got downstairs I forgot what I was going to say. So I said. “hello mum what’s for breakfast”. “baked beans on toast.” After breakfast I went upstairs into my room and the hat was not there. Then it reappeared on my bed. This time I shouted MUM!! She came running in. she came running in saying “what is wrong” there is a knights helmet on my bed.

abandoned forest

In an abandoned forest there were chopped down trees in shapes of birds. Moss was on the stump.” no!” I shouted as I sank in to the mud. I started to go to sleep. It was bad , I was trying to stay awake but I couldn’t. I woke up after two weeks. “no” I shouted because I should have been home.  I started to hear weird noises behind me because  there was a wild lion,

ROAR! as  he lion opened its mouth

was I going to die.It was getting closer. When I tried to start running I couldn’t move because I was I stuck to the ground! yes

I was so cross

I was so cross that I chucked an axe at my bedroom door.My mum came storming in and said what did you just do. I just chucked an axe at the door I said. Why I said. I said Bobby just got a computer.I said only got some clothes and an axe. I’m three years older.I have not got one.

Mum replied because you have a phone a tablet. He is not going to do anything that you can’t Mum said.  mum said you will get a computer.He will get the same phone as you. I thought. then said okay mum but the same phone.

wk 23. Paralyzed

I was paralyzed from my shoulders to my feet. I was siting in my empty room. Outside I could see a red ladder with a window cleaner on it. Out of my door I  could see coins,  billions of 2 dollar coins. But I could not move and the coins where sinking into the floor. The pavement was turning red from the burning hot sun, it was 100 degrees.That was the end of the world I think. I wanted to jump into the freezer, but it was to small and also, I was still paralyzed. So that was out, everything was.