The morning wars

I fell out of bed and hit the floor. Then I remembered, I had to get to the kitchen first so I jumped up and ran. Past my closet, past my slippers and dressing gown and out into the hallway. I sprinted down it and came to a rest in the kitchen, I lent down to did some heavy breaths, then I realised my brother had passed me and was reaching for the marmite in the pantry. Luckily he was way shorter than me so he could not reach. I shouted at him “We are having toast and jam for breakfast!” “No!” He shouted. “I like marmite!”

The sorting hat

There I was Harry Potter,  that’s me standing in front of professor Mc Gonagall. She was holding a hat it was all crumpled and had a mouth that had just sung a song to my surprise!!!  Mc Gonagall put the hat on the table in front of a stool.  WHY IS THAT HAT ON THE TABLE!!! Then she pulled out a list and started to call names… I thought about my parents, Gryffindors probably.  “Potter, Harry”.  There was silence.  It was probably because I was famous I am the only person to ever survive a killing curse done by Voldemort.


By Tilly.


I was running,  how was I going to get there? My spacecraft was going to leave without me. Suddenly I fell I landed in the mud with a squelch! My leg was screaming in pain!!! I had tripped over a tree stump. I tried to get up but that made the mud suck me in more. “Not now I have to get to my spacecraft.” I started to sink slowly into the mud but once I  had been fully covered in the mud I realised that I was in my spacecraft.The mud had been a portal!!!   “5   4   3   2   1  , boom.” My spacecraft had left.

What’s under the pillows?

Mum said that we have to clean up all the stuff that is under the sofa pillows. So i pulled them all of and stuck my hand down the side of the sofa. I felt some thing slimy touch my hand and when i pulled it out my hand was covered in RED slime.” That’s where my slime went.” said my sister. My sister collects all sorts of random thing’s. When i walk in to her room i feel like i’m SINKING in to the ground. She has collected things like a LADDER,some bits of old PAVEMENT and some COINS from China! Witch i have also pulled out over the years.