The White Castle

*blink* *blink* I woke up with the sun in my eyes, tired and sleepy, I tried to get up. My legs were to tired that I plopped right back on the leaves. Rolling around to get comfy, I went back to sleep. That’s when I thought “why am I on leaves?” I sat up quickly looking around, I saw a world of bush. Then I thought “why don’t I get a bit crafty and make a fire and look for food?”. When I was looking for food I saw a blurry building. Then I saw it. A White Castle.

The chicken (that kills people)

Once there was a chicken that escaped from the zoo.  He went to the knife store and stole the biggest knife. Then he went around killing people. The chicken found an abandoned house and used that as his base. But in the night Jimmy the wall climber came and broke into his base. He grabbed the chickens knife and tied the chicken to his bed. Then Jimmy went to the spaceship store and bought a spaceship. Jimmy got the bed and put it in the spaceship. The chicken woke up and looked around. He tried to move but he was tied to the bed. Then Jimmy opened the door to space and threw the chicken out. THE CHICKEN WAS THE IMPOSTER (0 IMPOSTERS REMAIN)

Zodia Copy

Long long ago, back when unicorns roamed the earth and elves skipped happily along with the green grassy fields, the Fairy king sat sorrowfully on his throne. Though the Fairy king was loved by all, the hole in his heart could never be be replaced. No matter how many goods he had. Melissa is the Fairy Queen, she and Arrow, the Fairy King had ruled happily over Earth not long ago.

The Murder

Once upon a time in a lovely village near the sea there was a boy. That night when the boy was sleeping there was a murder, a MURDER! In the morning the boy ran outside to play on the sand. When he was on the sand he saw something in the dissidents on the dock. He ran up to the dock and what he found was really bad,  a murdered bee. He went straight home and called 911, “help” he said there was a murder on the docs.

“Thx we will be there in a jiffy”, the phone replied. Then he sprinted as fast as he could back down to the docks.

When the police got there they called for some spies to go and try to find out what happened. They called the fbi just because and took the body away and all lived happily ever after. But the person who killed the bee, he got sniped from a building. The end


The haunted toy figures and a bee

It was raining and Jim was running to his house when he saw something… he saw a haunted house with a door still open. He ran into the house to get away from the rain “as you can see Jim is very dumb”. Inside the house there was no furniture all there was were two little toy figures Jim picked them up and put them in his pockets             “as you can see again Jim is super dumb”

The rain stopped and Jim ran home. “ten minutes later” Jim got home and went to his room to play with his new toys. But when he got into his room a figure slapped his hand and he lost his grip in pain. The figure ran to Jim’s table and grabbed a knife. “I don’t know why he has a knife on his table but anyways”. He through it at Jim but Jim ducked and it hit the door. Jim grabbed the figures and through then out the window onto the road. But they hopped on a bee and started to fly to Jim. Jim screamed “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” But then the figures got hit by a car.