100 word challenge

On a dark and cold Halloween night there were two pumpkins. There names where Jack and Jim they were both brothers. Jack was the oldest. The orange one spoke first. you could tell the difference because Jim was yellow. Jack said “It’s not as busy as last year. Jim said ” yeah last year there where kids everywhere. They thought of a plan to  scare kids away and take all the candy. They saw some kids.  And “BOO!!!!” the kids screamed. Their owner came out side “hey.”

Wicked Pumpkin Friends

Slowly the orange one spoke first with a very thick accent.                                                 “I hope there’ll be some tasty treats this Hallows Eve because I’m look forward to fire some of my spells on to those little nasty children.” said Bob the Pumpkin. “Hey! Chill bro, we need to be friendly and nice to trip ’em up into our traps!” said Bobby smoothly. Suddenly there came silent padding of footsteps. When the footsteps became louder and closer, the pumpkins started to fire their evil spells at the group of children. “Aaaahhhh!” The children screamed. From then after they were never seen again……

Old pumpkin

The orange one spoke first. “Many years ago I was a little pumpkin.” Silently spoke the old pumpkin. “What happened when you were young?”Questioned little pumpkin. He didn’t want to talk about it. “Old Pumpkin, what’s wrong?”. What was wrong. Old pumpkin gulped and said”My dad Betrayed me” Little pumpkin looked depressed.”That’s Terrible. TBC…..

This Hallows-eve

Hi, my name is Ester and I am in year 5. Now I love Halloween like any normal person, but this Halloween was different… Here’s my story.

It was a few weeks from Halloween and I was getting worried, you see I needed revenge. Last year some people in my year played a giant Halloween prank on me and my friends. Now we need to get them back.

When Halloween comes we need to be ready, but we had no idea how to prank them. Slowly, we were getting ideas, but none of us agreed on it and we were back on square one, but then I got an idea, I whispered to Tilly, Luuka, Danielle and Lily. They all thought it was a good plan too, “yes!” I thought.

On Halloween, we told the kids who made the prank and told them to meet them outside the graveyard. It was decorated with pumpkins. When it was time they met the prankers at the graveyard and went in. They looked around, “Oh, so scary, a graveyard, we knew you would try and scare us, we thought you would actually try!” said one of the prankers. “You just wait,” said Luuka, under her breath.

“Who are you?” asked a deep voice. “oh, I’m so scary,” said another pranker and all of the prankers burst into laughter, but we knew it was not a joke.“Get out!” Shouted another deep voice.

Then we saw movement, all the pumpkins surrounded us, the darkest orange one spoke first “We warned you” and we knew it was the voice we heard before. “Can you just stop now?” “I’m leaving” “This was a waste of time” muttered the prankers. “It isn’t us!” I shouted. “Stop trying to scare us!” shouted another pranker. “It’s true!” I shouted.


I’ve just had the scariest Halloween ever. Here’s my story. The day before Halloween, decorations were put up, cobwebs were secured  and all the children were ready. All accept one, Jack. Jack never participated in Halloween. Some say it’s because his family is poor, others because he’s hiding some thing. I don’t say any thing because I don’t think I will ever find out.

Seeing jack walk around with no interest in Halloween what so ever made me curious. My friends said not to worry about it, He’s just a boy, they say. But  on hallows-eve i walked towards Jack’s house and knocked on the door, when no one responded I knocked again….. Still no one again. I started to walk down the driveway, when I heard a sound of scurrying feet. I turned round with a flash. PUMPKINS? They were everywhere climbing up the driveway, going round the house, EVERYWHERE!!!!! As i stood there shocked the orange one spoke first. ” How dumb of you child to come near us” and everything went black.