Man In A Hay Bale

After a long days work Lily was finally going back home to my farm. When Lily finally got home she was so tired and couldn’t wait to catch a few Z’s. Lily was walking by a hay bale then, “a pair of legs!” She shouted as she ran over and examined the legs. In the hay bale, Lily found a pair of legs. She was terrified. There was a bike beside it and it looked the the person fell off into the bike into the hay bale. Screaming she ran into the house calling for her son. Quickly,  came running. When he got there he just smiled. Good prank right!

One thought on “Man In A Hay Bale

  1. Hi Lucy,
    Well done on your story this week. You have done a good job with the prompt picture. It was a great prank!
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c

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