On Thursday the 12th of November we went on a trip to MOTAT. As soon as everyone got onto the bus, it started to get loud. Kids were talking and the bus was roaring.

We had an activity to do when we got there. It was to answer these questions about MOTAT in a booklet. The group that answered all the questions right got a prize. 

When we got there, everyone ran out of the bus and started to look around and explore the exhibits. But the parents and teachers told us off and told us that is was morning tea time. 

After morning tea we all answered some questions and started to go inside the exhibits. After an hour or two, it was lunchtime. We ate very fast because we were going on the tram. 

After everyone was on the tram, the tram started up and everyone shouted with excitement. On the way, we saw rabbits. 

Sadly, after that, it was time to go back to school on the bus.