No I Like Vegemite

Angrily, my brother said ” I want Marmite on my toast” and stormed to the pantry. I was stubborn, ” No – Vegemite.” We were never going to agree. My brother and I only agree on three things,   Ice cream flavors, movies and video games. Sitting on the couch eating cereal,  an evil plan formed in my head. I took a huge tablespoon of vegemite and dropped it into the marmite jar. I made my way down to my brother’s room and handed him the toast and marmite jar. He took a bite and his face exploded…  ” YOU ANNOYING PIECE £%*&$”£”. It was hilarious to watch. 


2 thoughts on “No I Like Vegemite

  1. Hi Lily. Great job! Your writing was so enjoyable to read. You have used words imaginatively and creatively. Loved it Lily, keep on writing.

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