I was so cross

I was so cross that I chucked an axe at my bedroom door.My mum came storming in and said what did you just do. I just chucked an axe at the door I said. Why I said. I said Bobby just got a computer.I said only got some clothes and an axe. I’m three years older.I have not got one.

Mum replied because you have a phone a tablet. He is not going to do anything that you can’t Mum said.  mum said you will get a computer.He will get the same phone as you. I thought. then said okay mum but the same phone.

What’s under the pillows?

Mum said that we have to clean up all the stuff that is under the sofa pillows. So i pulled them all of and stuck my hand down the side of the sofa. I felt some thing slimy touch my hand and when i pulled it out my hand was covered in RED slime.” That’s where my slime went.” said my sister. My sister collects all sorts of random thing’s. When i walk in to her room i feel like i’m SINKING in to the ground. She has collected things like a LADDER,some bits of old PAVEMENT and some COINS from China! Witch i have also pulled out over the years.

crosser than cross

Christmas… presents! I had been fast asleep waiting for Santa. My eyes open at ten in the morning, but of course the rest of my family woke up seven. The sound of rapping paper and shouting in the house made me feel cross. I stomped from the cabin into the house and shouted ‘what are you doing, why are you opening the presents without ME?’ Dead silence. I realise that in my doziness I have walked into my neighbours house. My Aussie neighbours stare at  me and say ‘oh my diggery-doo’. My own family are looking at me through the window, laughing.

I was so cross

I was playing fortnite battle royale. Then she came to be annoying to me so I shouted and shouted at her but she did not go away. Then she started blocking my screen with her hand and then she started laughing a very evil laugh. I was getting so annoyed, so I stormed off down stairs. But she was sprinting behind me . I springed onto the couch and sat there with lots of anger. Then she said what is wrong I said you it is all you then she stared laughing again and again and never stopped then my Mum came.

I was so cross that Copy

I WAS SO CROSS THAT I screamed to show my rage. I smiled a dark smile, I had gone mad “time  to die” . Gracefully,  I leapt across the blood ridden sewer. Laughing and crying at the same time. My face was burning with anger but my mouth was laughing and my eyes were bleeding with tears and on that face was blood. I killed and killed and killed creeping up the the shadows of the sewer and destroying who i found. You might  hear weeping in the sewer or hear laughing , well that’s me and  i am coming for you now.