“No,” he said. “I like marmite” said Willaim silently. He was my little brother. “Ok,” I said. ” I’ll have peanut butter.” Style, animals, games we all liked the same thing. Even though I like marmite I’ll have peanut butter. We hate being the same.

We had a brand new puppy which we got yesterday and we still hadn’t named him. I wanted to call him Dax or Rusty (cause he’s a red lab). Will wanted to call him marmite. So for the first time, we had a fight. Mum and dad came down. “WHAT ARE YOU TWO DOING!!!” shouted mum ” WELL I WANT TO CALL THE DOG DAX OR RUSTY AND WILL WANTS TO CALL HIM MARMITE! THAT’S A RIDiCULouS NAME FOR A RED LAB!” I screamed back, even though I felt so bad for saying it. I love my brother but that was the first time I had said something bad about him. “RIGHT YOU ARE GROUNDED AND WE WILL DECIDE THE DOGS NAME AS A FAMILY!” dad yelled.  I started to cry.

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    This is non-fiction and I do not have a little brother.

    Danielle Dryden,
    The author

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